A Mooving Video about Cows Saving the Environment

Posted: March 8, 2010 by Thrivelearning in Grass Fed Beef Cattle
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A Mooving Video about Cows Saving the Environment

Just had to link and forward this one.

This is exactly where I’m heading with my studies on mob grazing.  Holistic Management Institute is at the forefront of getting farmers to graze both efficiently and effectively.  Ultra-high-density grazing is where we need to be in order to achieve a sustainable life process on this planet.

And nothing beats carbon-sequestration (stuffing that CO2 right back into the soil) than mob-grazing cattle on perennial-grass pastures. And nothing beats the taste and quality of beef than grassfed beef cattle raised this way.

I’m right in the  middle of an overdue whitepaper on this – where I will lay out the business plan for this type of scene.

There’s a lot of hope for this area – and the light-hearted approach this video takes is a great start.


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