Live your life free from sticky situations.

Posted: March 9, 2010 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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Jus' a tar baby...Had to learn an old lesson all over again.

Once you get away from really self-centered, destructive people – stay far, far away.

You know they aren’t up to any good. You know you’ve been burnt before. You know it just irritates you all over the place.

So just get away and stay away.

They aren’t going to change by your doing anything to or for them. They are actually and factually already living in the worst sort of hell imaginable.

My solution: Get Your Self Scam Free.

When you know what Cialdini, Levenson, and Maslow wrote in these areas, you don’t have to be a dupe, patsy, or victim to criminal scammers anymore.

You can re-learn a great life for yourself and be free from here on out.

The only good thing about tar-babies is that it feels so good when you quit…

(And you can still release on anything leftover.)

Try it for yourself and see – this link: release technique.

  1. Mary Baker says:

    How do you find time to write so often on your blogs? I enjoy them a lot. The point about getting scammers and other “sticky people” right out of your life is something that’s real to me. I had a long time getting out of Scientology which has its share. But most people there are quite nice. And I think that’s the scene with HSUS as well. Just some corporate stooge wrecking the place for everyone else. Thanks again for the great post.

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