Get Over Your Internet Scams for Good.

Posted: March 10, 2010 by Thrivelearning in Uncategorized
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I was scammed, then out of it, and then I worked to help others get out of their scams.

Then they got me again, but finally I finally got out – for good.

Because the real lesson here is that they never, ever learn. They are built to scam from sometime in childhood and it’s a hardwired mental deficiency.

But you can and should learn from your mistakes.

The only other option is to become a scammer yourself, which is never a good thing.

Let me explain:

Now, this is all I’m going to tell you about my specifics. Suffice to say – I’ve been there, done that. Wrote a book about it. And now I’ve moved on. For good.

Scammers can’t do anything but scam. They live a damned existence in fact.

Because they are chronic liars. They literally “can’t handle the truth.” They lie to the people they sell to, they lie to each other, they lie to their families. And they are in hiding all the time from everyone. Money they get burns through their fingers and they never actually build any wealth. And they hate it when people talk about them, regardless whether it’s true or not.

I’ve done by now a couple of years of research on these guys and can tell you that’s the way it is.

They are, statistically, a very small minority group of white-collar hard-core criminals. And they don’t reform unless forced to – which is only temporary (they only keep running as long as you keep chasing.)

It’s the Bell Curve distribution of our society at work. Just as there are a very small handful of people who are the extremely uber-rich geniuses, so there are this very small set of genius criminals who are constantly doing themselves in – along with everyone around them.

The typical scammer sees a business plan as “how to get around some regulation or law.” So their idea of how things work is simply to get a lot of people to give them money and then “fulfill their contractual obligations.” Meaning that most people never see a dime of their own investments back. It’s the only way these guys want to work. A straight-up job, saving and investing for the long-haul just isn’t exciting for these characters. And they make the phrases “make money online” and “work from home” only associated with scams.

And that very small minority makes it rough on the rest of us. Because, especially due to their collusion with lawyers, they have required special laws to be made to try to catch every loophole that can be found. So the rest of us have to deal with very stupid laws and regulations so that the 20% of us which are constantly stupid enough to be repetitively scammed through life – that this slightly larger minority make sure the rest of us are legally required to have all sorts of safety equipment on our homes, businesses, cars, and even in the way we do business with each other.

The heart of it is the chronic scammer at work. But until you spot them, you won’t be able to do anything about it. Life will be a constant, sorry and sordid mystery where you just can’t seem to get ahead.

To help solve this, I created an anti-scam checklist so you can spot scammers in your life.

Once you spot them – get off their lines and get them off yours. Quit dealing with people who chronically lie. Period. You can do the “right thing” and still be nice to them. But make no agreements, never ever give them any money or anything valuable of yours. Watch them closely until you are sure they have left. Because until you do get these guys off your lines, they are going to lie, cheat, and steal just as much as they can get away with it.

With this article, I’m even leaving the whole subject of scamming. Enough is enough. But I couldn’t leave without telling you this last piece of advice: Find them and root them out and then leave them completely and utteryly alone.

You’ll be relieved and glad you did. And life will be a lot more pleasantly profitable.

– – – –

And with that, I’m done with writing about scams. You can get my “Get Your Self Scam Free Book” and use the anti-scam checklist to solve your life. But I’m done with these guys for good.

The rest of my time is going to raising grass fed beef near Columbia, Mo (and this includes Fulton, and Jefferson City…)

But look for some humorous parody cartoons to start up shortly. I’ve got a lifetime of these to share…

[Update: If you read this and think it’s talking about you – maybe you’d better check your conscience. And try that checklist on yourself – maybe even get the book. Because something is making you a bit thin-skinned, isn’t it?!? Never too late to get honest with yourself and those around you…]

  1. Angelita Oram says:

    Just landed on this place via Google and I love it. Can’t believe how this makes sense. Got to get your books to learn more.

  2. Herman Milks says:

    How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot more when I really take the time to study them over. You write really well.

  3. Curt Perreira says:

    Amazed how you come up with all these fascinating insights. Great Stuff!

  4. Marcus says:

    I cant believe you were taken by these fine Utah people [troll remarks deleted…] I am agreeing you with you it is a scam but you are the reason it happen. [troll remarks deleted…] Contact Me at

    • robertworstell says:

      @Marcus – You are right in that. Unless a person is of the mindset to be duped, they can’t be. And that is the reason for the scam-free checklist and “Get Your Self Scam Free” book. The more people who “wise up”, the less there will be for scammers to prey on. Unfortunately, like the poor, there will always be a small percentage who can be duped. A point of statistics.

      I do find it interesting that only posts about Utah scams (not posts about the government, Scientology, the IRS, Harvard, HSUS, or other individuals) bring about such response. Oops – I didn’t even mention Utah in that post. Have we met?

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