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Here’s a new book, just published on Lulu. In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the original “Go Thunk Yourself!” Another tool you can use in your arsenal to solve your day-to-day problems.  Many of these essays may seem familiar, since you’ve seen them on this blog. (Don’t worry, I’ve left plenty of controversial material in there for discussion and raised eyebrows.)

Here’s the back cover, so you can get an idea:

Through all the books I’ve studied and lectures listened to – as well as my own research and tests down this line — it has become very clear to me that we each already have all the Freedom, Happiness, and Peace we could ever want. It’s just sitting there waiting for us to recognize its presence in our nature. Just waiting for us to let our own light shine.

That’s the secret people have been looking for all this time, the one which the self-help guru’s will sell you unlimited books, CD’s, video’s, and personal consultation to help you find. But I think, like Dorothy with her slippers, you eventually find that you’ve had the solution all along. And also like Dorothy, you have to make the journey before you’ll believe it’s that simple.

All this data has been known through the ages, hidden in dusty tomes and remote library Archives. Only in our modern Internet Age has all this become available, literally at your fingertips. It has as well become not only easier, but absolutely vital that each person take what can be grasped and experienced from this “virtual buffet”, and let the rest go. And as you now have to choose for yourself, the truth within will to start shining out on its own.

The trick is this one, simple datum:

The limits you have, the only things holding you back, are those you have accepted.

And these limits are all additive, not natural.

All the Freedom, Happiness, and Peace you want is already found within you, so to speak. It isn’t found by attending certain political rallies, or as a martyr for some cause. There is no government which can guarantee you any amount of freedom. No amount of money can buy it. No specific inherited DNA allows you to have more or less Freedom than the next fellow. And, likewise, no external person or thing can, of itself, actually limit your Freedom, even in the slightest.

The amount of Freedom, Happiness, and Peace you can have is dependent on yourself. You set your own limits to what you experience, every second of every day in your lifetime.

(From the Preamble)

And the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

Part I – Masterworks on Personal Freedom 1

Prelude 1

Forward 6

Introduction 12

Dale Carnegie – Certainty is Key 18

Napoleon Hill – Fuel A Burning Desire 25

Charles F. Haanel – Understand The Universal System 31

Wallace Wattles – Give Value in Excess 45

Earl Nightingale – Know The Strangest Secret 51

Serge Kahili King – Live Lessons from Long Ago 62

Part II – Releasing Your Freedom Essays 70

Section I – Getting Started 70

An Introduction to Lester Levenson’s Releasing Technique 70

The Way: How to Begin – as Freedom Takes Over Your Life 74

How to Get Everything You Really Want Out of Life – Easier Than You Thought… 77

The Great Releasing Technique Experiment – Freedom with no cost 80

How you Release – Simply, Easily, Effectively. 83

The 7 Simple Steps to Releasing for Personal Development 86

Be the Author of Your Own Life Story. Truth and Responsibility 89

Section II – What This Can Mean for You 92

The Less Important Live Among Us as The Greatest. 92

Speed up and Get There Faster Without Moving at All. 94

The Unimportance of Importances 96

Get Everything You Want by Giving Everything Away 99

How to Make Your Own Luck 102

The Universe is One Big Joke – and We are the Punchline, not the Butt of it. 105

How I Get Rid of Nagging Worries and Stress 107

Section III – The World is Just as You Create It 110

All God’s Children are Kahunas… 110

Love and Life Without Limits 114

What We Are All After is Both Different and The Same 117

The Trick is to Get the Ego to Undo the Ego, the Mind to Undo the Mind 120

Taking the Easy Way Out to Personal Freedom. 123

How to Take Control Over Everything that “Happens” to You. 126

How Does Helping Others Help Me? 128

Section IV – Ultimate Freedom is Already Within You… 130

Not Just a Board Game: Live for Others in Order to Improve Your Own Life 130

How You, Me, and the World Around Us Actually Works 134

Lester Levenson and the 7th step of releasing 137

Getting Your Life in Order – Cleaning Your Room 139

How You Can’t Win Them All, and Why You Shouldn’t Try 141

How Can “What am I” Achieve My Personal Freedom? 144

What is Your Path – How do You Find Your Way? 146

So Now You Know Your Path – What’s Next? 149

Part III – Freedom Summary and Action Steps 151

One workable approach 152

Daily Schedule 153

Additional Resources – Addenda 155

Basics of Releasing 155

Cults and Governments: Make Money and Prevent Freedom 159

Introducing Median-omics – The Study of Life in the Middle 168

A Commentary on Haanel’s Master Key System 178

Additional Resources – Links 269

Of course the author has to do all the heavy lifting on this promotion, so I’m busy at this now.

It’s currently available on Lulu, so go and visit for yourself.

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