Getting Started in Self-Publishing Your Books

Posted: November 29, 2012 by myflyoverzones in Release Technique
  1. But the above author is really not a success story – even though he tells how to get started. Here are 3 success stories to whet your appetite:
  2. And there are still a few out there who are willing to play the devil’s advocate and say that it’s the best and worst of both worlds:
  3. Bottom line is that it’s a great time to get in. Tablets (and smart phones) are replacing laptop sales just as they replaced desktop PC’s.  Note this article where parents are starting to get into this for the holiday season:
  4. And it’s too easy to carry around a bookshelf of readable materials with
    Kindle or Android or iBookstore – and Sony, etc. as covered by
    Smashwords. As Forbes points out, it’s on the rising edge of the hype
  5. This is just about enough for now.  But again, you can check out what I’ve been doing along this line,,,

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