Midwest Journal Press

As usual, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

While I’ve been busy for the last couple of years with various activities, things have recently come together so that I’m able to move over into what I’ve always really been wanting to do – which is drawing funny pictures which cheer people up.

In order to do that (MyFlyOverZone.midwestjournalpress.com), I had to wrap up and turn over “hats” I’d been wearing so others could blaze their own path through the wilderness with the tools I’d developed.

Most of my work had beein in learning Internet Marketing – for real. So I first had to wrap up An Online Sunshine Plan – how to start up or expand a small business online, profitably – which turned out to be a fairly massive site. More a CSM than a blog. But I built it out of a 300 page book, down from the 1,000+ page original text. This is a membership site, just for some friends to learn how to get going online with an extra income source for real.

Again, this site is mostly a wrap. I imagine I’ll add to this as I continue to refine my online marketing skills. And the specifics change on the Internet, which has been a constant for this area. So I imagine there will be some work to do on occasion.

Midwest Journal Press was part of this as well. I had to finally turn this into a paying download bookstore on its own. And finally, all the tools and themes were there to do this – something that wasn’t present when I first started. I’m happy to say that I can now make this an income source on its own, being able to simply offer and receive donations for the work I’ve created.

MWJP has gone through many, many incarnations – but it was really always supposed to be an online bookstore. And now it is. I just had to wait for the technology to improve, as well as get some other ideas out of my road.

While I had originally planned to create mini-sites for all the books I wanted to promote – I’ve found since that I don’t need to do that, or want to.

Because I’m heading over to my new comics site – which I’ll tell you about on another page.

Of course, this site will be maintained for strictly farming and some metaphysical stuff.

But check out my bookstore and these others. I figure you’ll like them. If not, leave me a comment or an email…