Go Thunk Yourself!

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Research proves a single system underlies all self improvement…

The story goes like this: I quit my job as I was unsatisfied with where I was going in life. I’d been consulting and counseling for years under a corporate struccture, pushing their agenda and their products.

However, some of this simply didn’t seem quite true… And meanwhile, I’d found out that the management we were operating under didn’t utilize the same teachings we were all told to be sacrosanct and immovable law.

Book One – “Go Thunk Yourself!”(TM)

So once I got away from that scene, I started my own investigation to figure out if there were in actual fact some sort of natural system of self improvement and personal success.

The short answer: Yes, there is.

And all the truly successful self improvement writers not only found out about it, they used it to make their own incredible success.

This study boils all they knew down to a 14-step program which you can complete over two weeks and start improving your life permanently.

Book Two – “Go Thunk Yourself, Again!”

However, I initially set it aside instead of publishing it, so I could start assembling data which would either prove or disprove that thesis. I continued to search new ideas and actually went back to finish some long-overdue degrees.

And in the middle of this, found myself analyzing analysis – how people think and rationalize and conclude and all that. This became a fascinating study, as I found a single method of interactive principles that take any person from where they are into an incredible speed-up of thinking and intuitive understanding – so much so, they appear genius.

How this is done is a revolutionary approach – which apparently has never been discovered before…

Book Three – “Go Thunk Yourself, S’more!”

By this time, I had worked out a simple routine set of principles where people could improve their lives. And then I had discovered a method where they would sort out their own thinking so that they could take in new data about life and improvement much, much faster – and get to the truth about their own lives.

But I wasn’t happy with that. There had to be a clear-cut path anyone could follow to take them on up and out of this quagmire culture – and make sure we never had to sink into it again. So I went back to these books and saw that there were a few books who really told you this whole system of personal development and life improvement – all in just a few pages of study.

What I did with this third book was to update these earlier books with my latest findings – some which made these first two much easier studies. And then laid out a single approach anyone could follow to understand how this universe was really put together and all the basic laws you need to know to create any type of life you want.

As well, I included an essay on the one key pitfall which will bring your world crashing down around you if not followed exactly…

And all these secrets known throughout history – by just a few – are now ready for you.

Because that’s what this book series is really about. Letting you in on that are known as secrets – but only because relatively few people have discovered them, and in spite of the fact they were known by Jesus, Shakespeare, and numerous other philosophers, writers, poets, and sages – they just never got passed on except through personal coaching and apprenticeship.

All those who know these principles – even just the key ones – are the real successes in society. Surveys of these industry leaders show over and over that they know and use these principles. Daily.

Now you can, too.

Good Hunting!