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Welcome to this week’s abstract of brand-new naturally raised beef posts.
I’ve been committed to find this material so I can share it with you.
Amazing that there is a great deal more work here than I’ve seen before. Must be that consumers are investigating more kinds of heart-healthy meals.
And I’ve also seen more websites coming forward on the web to match this demand.

When a mob is profitable – grazing because they like it that way.

grass fed beef cattle When a mob is profitable grazing because they like it that way.

When I last posted about this hot topic of grass fed beef, I mainly outlined the economics of it and how to lower costs and raise profits by:

  1. Getting off the corn standard and switching to grass-fed beef cattle production,

  2. Figuring out how to direct-market your beef to local (big-city) clients who prefer to pay extra for higher-quality food,

  3. Going off feeding hay in the winter by mob grazing (intensively-managed grazing).

And I said I was going to have to do some homework in this last area. So I’ve begun.

Indoor Farmers’ Market

by Wicked Local Plymouth

Pick up pies, breads, root crops, greens, fresh cheese, grassfed meats, eggs, take home foods and more. The Plantation shops will be open and members of The …

3 Healthy Diet Tips For Losing Weight Faster Than Ever

by Admin

High quality protein from grass-fed meats, grass-fed dairy and plants/nuts/beans all provide quality sources of high quality protein that suppress your appetite and helps control your calori intake. The source of high quality proteins …
Health –

Xango Mangosteen (grass-fed beef) Basics |
By andrew gallop

Xango Xango Mangosteen is the premier nutritional supplement. XanGo Juice would be the premier dietary supplement full of Xanthones, a. See more here: Xango Mangosteen (grass-fed beef) Basics … –

Mob Grazing Reveals Inconvenient Stupidities

grass fed beef cattle Mob Grazing Reveals Inconvenient Stupidities

If Al Gore’s histrionics and his data-massaging chronies at the Climate Academia weren’t enough, we actually find out that they are missing the boat entirely. Not that they are wrong, but they are only looking at a small part of the problem.

The reason? Money fixation. (Read more…)

Chefs cook up a recipe for success


… where can I get this grass-fed pork that you featured on the menu that tasted so great, or where I can get these eggs, where can I get these greens,” …

Plenty to pick from at farmers markets

by Ocala

Jan Costa, with the Barbed Wire Cattle Co., was selling organically raised, grass-fed and USDA-inspected Angus beef that day, and at the Magnolia Street …

Bonnie’s Blog With Bonnie & Steve Minsky: Locallly grown food up 20%

by nutrocon

Common terms are homestead, organic, natural, sustainably grown, free-range and grass-fed, air-cooled poultry, grown from heirloom seeds or produced with respect for the land, animals, and workers. Regardless of the terminology, …Bonnie’s Blog With Bonnie & Steve Minsky –

How grass fed beef with mob grazing cut greenhouse gases

grass fed beef cattle How grass fed beef with mob grazing cut greenhouse gasesNow, this takes into account the paradigm that you believe (or tolerate) the idea that some gases can create a “greenhouse effect” and add or detract from global temperatures. Jury is still out – and has been for some time. Another discussion, another time…

Almost a review of Seth Godin’s book, Linchpin
by Brazen Careerist

The farmer was haughty, like, wondering why everyone can’t eat grass-fed beef and homegrown vegetables at every meal and have 10% body fat and be able to …

HWFC Special Events: Food for Thought: No Impact Man

by Mariah

Farmer and the Grill and The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook. Hayes works with her family on Sap Bush Hollow Farm in Schoharie County, NY, where they raise grassfed beef and lamb and pastured pork and poultry. Hayes’ newest …HWFC Special Events –

Ask MNN: Is there environmentally friendly milk?

by The Olympian

… is buying organic milk, which promises to the consumer that the cows that are giving the milk don’t get any hormones or antibiotics and are grass-fed. …

It’s a beautiful life!: Grass Fed and Finished Pasture Raised Gal!

by Beth

And I am going to buy grass fed and finished beef, and pasture raised chicken and pork. I also hope to not purchase food with a ton of preservatives in it. I recently read that the author Michael Pollan said don’t eat anything that …It’s a beautiful life! –