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Why Scientology Doesn't Work

Hubbard really screwed up, even though he became a multi-millionaire. He missed becoming a multi-billionaire because of one thing.

And since their current management is again ego-centered around its CEO, I can tell you this in all safety – because they won’t every learn to apply it.

The background to this is pretty simple. Hubbard always described his “State of Clear” in terms of enlightenment. He was widely read and studied all these classic works. And absorbed their phrasings and mantras into his psyche such that they show up all through his works, as do various self-help classics.

What he did was to create a marketing world with special names and nomenclature for things so that when you know “Scientologese”, you can describe the world in his terms – literally.  And that keeps you locked into his world, unless you can take the next step and find out what he really meant.

That’s where this “one thing” comes in.

Clear (which can’t be trademarked, by the way) is really becoming enlightened. Now you can’t get there within Scientology, because they have booby-trapped this line so that you have to use an “e-meter” and get “audited” up to that point.  But their definitions of Clear have changed over time, essentially to sell you more services. It doesn’t change the fact that the main fall-off point for people using their “Bridge” is Clear. Because people either really do get enlightened – or realize they were scammed. And the bulk of corporate $cn’s money is made after that point, such that the bulk of the corporate “church” efforts are now devoting incredible time to getting these people back in and spending money with them (except for making people donate to their various real-estate refurbishing deals).

Now, if you do study their definitions of Clear, you’ll find they’ve been changing all along. And this is probably a “good” marketing practice, since it keeps people looking for more material, which means they keep spending money with you.

“OT” levels (short for “operating thetan” – another fiction) were developed right along this marketing line – after Hubbard had problems with his copyrights to DMSMH and went off to Phoenix in the very early ’50’s to develop Scientology as a new study. Here’s where we see the idea of an all-powerful independent being showing up. And of course, he starts saying that Scientology has a “monopoly” on mental health as they are the “only ones” who can routinely solve anyone’s problems.

Unfortunately, this is all marketing. And BS.  Such a state is inherently unstable – since every major spiritual path on this planet points to the interconnection of all beings – that a single person simply can’t survive or prosper alone.

The truth is that there really is enlightenment, which is a finite state and different for every individual.  But everyone can achieve it. In attaining that, you do get clear on everything around you – as regards yourself. And you are able to get at peace with everything around you – at least as far as your own considerations about them.

This doesn’t mean that the world itself becomes clear. You can move through it with unflappable calm, or go along your business as the old Zen tradition had – where people who reach satori after spending time in a Zen monastery simply went back to their old trades.

The point is that you actually then have some more work to do. You have some spiritual training to undertake. Which is the marketing point of their being “OT” levels. Unfortunately, these are all dead-ends in themselves – because they are just more and more auditing with e-meters, which gets more expensive as you go. They end at OT VII or OT VIII and get you really no closer, since all that time you are simply dealing with more fictions. And I don’t have to go into this – just look them up on the Internet and you’ll see what those “OT levels” supposedly cover.

The point here is that if Hubbard had actually captured the essence of spiritual training and enlightenment and marketed these, they would have unlimited amount of material to cover and pitch. Because the world and universe around us are all our creation – as the Quantum Physicists discovered, we find what we are looking for. Because we create this as we go. And as we have an infinite number of approaches to our various creations, there can be nearly infinite number of courses and spiritual processes to address these.

The secret is to get control over how you are creating things.

The first step is to get your own personal Freedom and Peace back. And after that, it’s all spiritual training to resolve how you are creating the world around you.

Of course, I hope to start mapping this out and contributing to such a line of spiritual progress. But I consider that this is a community effort, not a money-making hobby of a single individual or corporation.

There are, after all, more than enough riches and prosperity for all of us. We just have to start working to solve it for everyone.