Get Scam Free

Here’s a new release for you…

Find yourself being scammed every now and then?  Taken advantage of? Fall for someone? Can’t turn down a great “internet business opportunity”? Call up every infomercial on TV? Can’t hang up on telemarketers? Always have to listen to “make money quick” and “get rich” schemes?

Or maybe this fits someone you know.

You and your friends and family are exactly who this book was written for.

I’ve been scammed. Several times. And it’s cost me years of time and thousands of dollars. But I wised up somewhere along the line.

And then I researched how come I fell for all this. Interesting stuff. Deals with human nature and how we teach each other.

I wrote this all up so that you can re-educate yourself and not have to deal with paying off exorbitant credit card debt for the rest of your life – or put up with dominating politicians who don’t ever do what they promise. (Yes, they are both scammers.)

This book has about 9 lessons and several bonuses  in it. (Update: try this anti-scam checklist to identify scammers in your life…)

I’m porting 7 of these lessons over to podcast, powerpoint, and video so you can get these in any favorite format.

The point is that we enable those we know to quit being victims of smooth-talking telemarketers, as well as various advertising pitchmen. Because we can regain our privacy. We can regain the right to operate our own lives the way we want and to spend our hard-earned money on exactly what we want, not what we are ordered to spend it on.

Check out these Lessons below:

Get Yourself Scam Free – Introductionpodcast | presentation | video

Lesson 01 – What is a Scam?podcast | presentation | video

Lesson 02 – Cialdini and Influencepodcast | presentation | video

Lesson 03 – Maslow and your Motivationspodcast | presentation | video

Lesson 04 – Levenson and your Basic Desirespodcast | presentation | video

Lesson 05 – One Word Formula to Stop Telemarketerspodcast | presentation | video

Lesson 06 – Get Your Self Scam Free Recipepodcast | presentation | video

Lesson 07 – Summarypodcast | presentation | video

Bonus: Make Your Self Recession Proofpodcast | presentation | video


Here’s the podcasts, as hosted by

– – – –

And here’s a preview edition of the book available on Scribd and various others:

Get Yourself Scam Free – Handbook for Personal Freedom

(And if you’re getting here early, I’ll link the additional versions of these as they go live…)


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