03 Cialdini: Influence.

To get yourself scam-free, you have to first quit being a patsy. . .

A patsy, a chump, a dupe, a target, a victim – – you know, one of those guys with a big target on their back which says “kick me”. . .

We’re all that way a little bit.  Even Professor Robert Cialdini, author of the book “Influence” says he’s one in the opening line.  But after 15 years of research, he came up with an incredible book on the psychology of persuasion which is still being circulated and brought out in new editions with updates.  I got a copy of his fourth edition after I read where a scammer said he had the reasons people will buy whatever you have to sell.

The reason Cialdini wrote the book was to help people get out from under all the mis-training they had received in their lives and start taking more control over it.

The first thing you have to do is quit kicking yourself.  (It feels so good when you quit, believe me. )

The second thing is to really study how come you fell for their scam – hook, line, and sinker.

The basic reasons (there are only 7, according to Cialdini) have to do with the way you were raised.  But they are trained-in, not genetic, so you can un-train yourself.

Six principles of influence.

Dr.  Cialdini laid out six principles:

1. Reciprocation

2. Commitment and consistency

3. Social proof

4. Liking

5. Authority

6. Scarcity

7. (And a seventh, Self Interest, he found so common as to only include it as a footnote.)

– – – –

This runs a bit long for a blog post, so I’ve again given you the presentation for this:

Next, Lesson 3 – where we look at the reasons these principles work, what they are based on…

  1. cialdini says:

    […] His latest book Yes: 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion co-authored with Noah Goldstein andCialdini and Influence. Lesson 2 in getting yourself scam …Cialdini found out that our freedom was being compromised by scammers shoving business opportunities […]

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