06 One Word Formula

Now, want to get rid of telemarketers – real quick and easy?

Simple: Treat your phone like your email – don’t consider that anyone has a right to call you that you don’t know.  But don’t just hang up.  They’ll keep calling back  (as we went over before. )

Once they’ve asked for someone, and you’re sure you don’t know them, just say, “No. ” and then hang up.

This has cut my residual telemarketers down to almost nothing.  Seriously.

Why does this work? Because:

1. They immediately know that they have a “dud” lead –  you’re not a qualified prospect.

2. Their psycho-babble figurings say that you are just a no-sale.  Doesn’t matter when they call.  The answer is the same, “No. “

3. You free up that TSR/monkey to get back to more “profitable” leads.  Their time is their money.

4. You don’t waste your own time on the phone, waiting for the disconnect signal, being polite to stupidly persistent script-monkeys, etc.

Their machines are set to dial back any no-answer indefinitely.  So, wait until you get a live person on the other end.  And then say “No. ”

Just like your email – if don’t know the person, just hit delete.  Don’t open anything up you don’t know where it came from.  Same with your phone.  Look, phones used to be private, respected.  Then came telemarketers, who took advantage of the “manners” people were brought up with.  I’ve got news for them, here’s the new manners: “No. ” and hang up.

Take your privacy back.  You’re the one paying for that phone, after all.

– – – –

And here is the online presentation to follow this lesson:

Next, how to really and permanently get your self personally scam-free – and stay that way.


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