05 Levenson: Desires

Lester Levenson was sent home to die at the age of 42. The doctor gave him days, weeks at most.

He had been a success at nearly everything he tried.  Brilliant, he earned a full scholarship and received several degrees.  Turning his hand to manufacturing, mining, and sales, all his businesses usually turned out successful as long as he was running them directly.

Yet, his health continued to worsen, almost to spite all his success.  Chronic migraines, perforated ulcers, and major cornaries (heart attacks) – these finally led his doctor to tell him to simply go home and rest.  With the medicine at that time, he was told that any effort could be his last.

So he was left with only his mind to work things out.  Throwing away all that he had studied in school, he started simply analyzing himself from the inside out.  In three months, he worked out what was bothering him and incidentally solved his health problems as well.

What he discovered left him in such a high state that it took many years of study after that, studying all manner of religious and philosophical texts just to understand what he had achieved.

For our use, this boils down to some very basic rules:

a.  The basic purpose all of use have is to survive through a human body, as an individual.

b.  This can be stated as simply three desires:

– The need or want for security.
– The need or want for approval.
– The need or want for control, or to escape control.

c.  That all these mental habits we have amassed are designed to deal with these desires.

Any scam operating in life has one or more or all of these operating.  Scammers will punch buttons you have to get you to agree with them that if you only buy their product, you’ll get the approval, security, or control in life that you’ve always really wanted.The trick is that where you actually work out how to let go of these basic desires, then you can’t be sold any scam-product after that.

Just look at the ads on TV or any other medium and you’ll see that they are all using these points to get you to buy:

Security – All the pharmaceutical companies are trying to get you to tell your doctor that you need such-and-so product in order to have your health.

Approval – How about that new car, the big house, the flashy clothes. . .  Just what all these people say you need to be owning in order to be accepted in modern society.  It’s just what “everyone else” is wearing or owning these days.

Control – Government laws are all about this.  Getting people to do what is “good” for them, what they are “supposed” to be doing.  And all our tax money they throw after pet projects doesn’t accomplish squat.  Like government schools – the highest budgets get the worst results.  And home-schooled kids routinely win the spelling and geography bees.

You can see your own variations of these.  We’ll cover later some techniques which Levenson discovered so you can release these desires from having so great effect in your life.

– – – –

Here’s the online presentation for this:

Next, a short, one-word formula to drop your telemarketing calls by over 90%. . .

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