Now that you’ve been through all about what used to make you a scam victim, you now know (or can easily find out) the basics of how to be ready for any recession.

Let’s review a bit and show you how this works:

  1. You know that per Maslow, we are here essentially to get up to self-actualization. And according to Cialdini, we know that there are 6 actions others can take to get us to do just what they want us to. Levenson then told us that this really just boils down to three key desires.
  2. You also know how to release these underlying desires and so will move away from those who are trying to manipulate your life. You no longer have to be the effect of scammers.
  3. Now, I also went over with you what some of the key scams which are running in society. They are all interconnected for the most part, and just want to keep you doing whatever makes them money.

Here’s where it gets really interesting. Anyone reading this who has figured out how this scene works can actually get out from under any of these addictive scams and start living their own life. Many of these now scam-free people find out that they can get and hold onto all the money they want in life. As well, their relationships with others improve markedly. Since they don’t buy all the “miracle cures” out there from the pharmaceutical company ads, they quit having all sorts of side effects which ruin their health.

Back to our recession-proof idea: When you start making your own personal decisions based on your own common sense, then you can expect that things will start getting more sensible around you. But you have to get the nonsense scams off your lines:

  1. Quit listening to the news media. Get your data from the Internet – only the data you really need. Quit listening to advertisements as much as possible. As well, take all politicians’ statements with a sizable grain of salt.
  2. Pay off your debts and cut up your credit cards. Maybe keep one for emergencies only. (But consult a professional for your finances as you need advice – I’m not one.)
  3. Stick to your budget and save 10% or more of each paycheck to savings. And keep those savings as reserve until vitally needed. Purchase only what you can afford. Meanwhile, make sure you are providing valuable services and products of your own.
  4. Use the Golden Rule to give more value in advance so that this comes back to you.
  5. Keep applying Levenson’s releasing techniques to get rid of all scam influences from your life.

Now, the thing you must know is that recessions are cyclical. They happen every 6-8 years and so can be prepared for. Those savings become your investments. Most bargains are found at the bottom of a recession, and the person who is provident will have the resources to grasp those opportunities.

If you know just the simple datums you’ve gotten in this book, you can work yourself out of any economic scene, including job loss. Most of these scenes can be traced back to one or more scammer listed above. I don’t need to go into this particular recession we’re going through, but casual research through alternative media and the Internet show that it was caused by several of these scammers colluding with each other.

The trick is to stay steady at your own goals, to be wary of those who scam for their living, and to be trusting to those who give you value open-handedly.

Gather books and references which will help you regardless of economic upturns and downturns. There’s a lot out there. Some are listed in the appendix. Study and restudy these to get more out of them every time.

Know that you can do anything you want with your life. Anything. The only real limit you have is between your ears, so to speak. With these tools you’ve been introduced to above, you can reduce or eliminate those self-limits.

But scammers are running a trip of telling you that you have to be the effect of them. Advertisers, governments, media – they all simply want you to do what they say. What they want is for you to just shut up and make money so they can take it with your “permission”. It’s a form of slavery.

When you apply the tools you’ve learned in this small book, you can permanently get rid of those shackles.

– – – –

And our final presentation in this series follows:

  1. Dick Ham says:

    Thanks for your great articles, on how to get yourself recession-proof. Going to have to try this out for myself. Mind if I bookmark this on social media?

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