07 Scam Free Recipe

A recipe to become scam-free:

Lester Levenson actually found that the biggest problem people had was not in that they were wired to be patsy’s or dupes.  It was that they kept holding onto whatever it was that made them that way.   All the bad mental habits you have were learned – and can be unlearned.  Levenson developed techniques you can use to release these bad mental habits from your life and quit using them for good.

The simplicity of these steps are:

  • Accept whatever it is that is bothering you.
  • And let it go.

It’s really that simple.  Even if you don’t think you can let it go, to some degree you already have.

When you see you’ve been duped by some scammer, simply accept that as a fact.  See the emotions behind it, the desire for security or approval or control – and then just let it go.

Don’t try to figure it out or think about it, just accept it – and then let it go.

When you release in this fashion, those points are gone for good.  At least as far as that particular scam.  As you keep this up, you become more and more scam-free.  As you learn from each of these situations, you’ll avoid more and more.  Now this doesn’t mean you get completely free overnight, although it is possible.  More likely is that you are going to find yourself releasing more and more situations you find yourself in where you don’t get the expected result.

And as you do keep releasing, you are then more able to simply treat the people involved in that situation as you would like to be treated.  This will give you the best result.

You want to start doing this with all non-optimum situations you run into.  Do this all day long.

That is the secret recipe for getting scam-free for good.

Now there is a lot more to Levenson’s release technique, also called the Sedona Method.

In the Appendix of this book are a couple of Sedona releasing sites and their products so you can learn more how to apply this on your own.  Both have a lot of free material on their sites as well as free downloads or low cost introductory material you can use to improve your life with.

Obviously, being able to release anything and everything that is bothering you is far more applicable to your life than just the scams you will quit running into.  So check them out for more information and additional techniques.

– – – –

This was extracted from the much longer lesson, which appears in the presentation below:

Finally, our last in this series is the summary…

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