02 What is a Scam?

What is a scam?

(Photocredit: Flickr’s joelogon and davedugdale)

Lesson 01

from the book “Get Your Self Scam Free“.

What is a scam? Some Ground Rules of Life.

I’ve been there, done that – and now I’ve been hard at work writing this up so you don’t have to.  But this isn’t a book about the various scams, frauds, and “business opportunities” that had me on their dirty end.  Just take my “crib notes” from the School of Hard Knocks, so you can get your own freedom.

Here are some basic rules of the scammer universe:

1. Scams are all around you as well as successes – you just have to take advantage of  your real opportunities.

2. Nothing around you is permanent, you have to constantly create and and then build on any success you make for yourself.  The only constant is change.

3. Most people are wired to be successful.  Scammers are wired to find fast-profit, doomed shortcuts.

4. Only as you give is exactly how you get.  This Golden Rule is inexorable – works all the time, whether you believe it or not.  And you have to give first.

5. Educate yourself and learn how to learn.  Learn from everything and everyone that comes into your life.  Scammers prey on the naive.

6. Just be yourself – that’s the best advice anyone can give you.

– – – –

…Now, this turned out a lot longer than wanted for a blog post, so I’ll leave it here and give you the online presentation instead:

Next, Lesson 02 – Ciadini tells us how scammers use our own social training against us…


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