Sedona Method Review

Rock Structure near The Chapel in Sedona at Sunset

Rock Structure near The Chapel in Sedona at Sunset

This page is just a discussion of the various methods of releasing techniques that are out there today.

Sedona Method was developed by a guy called Lester Levenson in 1952. At 42, he had a second heart attack along with chronic migraines, a perforated intestine from ulcers, and an enlarged liver (among other things.) The doctor simply told him to go home and not get out of bed, as any effort could kill him off. And he was simply expected to die.Lester Levenson

But instead, Levenson set his mind to work at this problem, and in three months not only regained his health, but also attained a high spiritual release level – which then took him around 18 years of study to understand what he had just done and how to communicate it effectively to others.

Levenson went on to live another 42 years and trained people to carry on his work.

And there are tapes which have survived, but I’ve only seen them on BitTorrent sites – but I’d buy them in a heartbeat if I could get them on CD. (Update: I found that Larry Crane offers Levenson tapes over at his site – click on “Shop” button at top.)

Another rare book, out of print for years, is his “Keys to the Ultimate Freedom”, which you can find at pretty high prices on Amazon. Now, you can find a scanned copy of this via BitTorrent, but it’s all in images, so it’s not an easy read. (Wish someone would just bring it back again.)

Is Sedona Method/Release Technique a scam?

Well, I’ve covered how people can make anything into a scam, and how if you are just looking for a Get Rich Quick fix for your addiction, it will look like a scam to you. Since I’ve been working with scammer victims for a couple years now, I should be able to tell you something about the subject.

The short answer – just don’t bite off more than you can chew. Try their free stuff first – particularly the online videos, as well as the other materials on their sites. If it seems to make sense, then get some more – maybe their fairly low-priced CD sets or books. Try it some more for yourself. All have money-back guarantees.

If you really consider that it’s right for you, then go to some of their seminars, if one is close by you. See for yourself. I wouldn’t personally shell out thousands until you can produce these results in your own life. As many of these below teachers say, don’t believe anything – prove it for yourself.

But I can tell you that the old Japanese adage is true, that “there are many ways up the mountain,” and also the more ancient Huna, “no one school has all the teachers.”

I’m not sold on any single one of the principal routes I bring to you below, but I am sold on the idea Levenson came up with originally – that you can simply accept and let go of those emotional thinking habits you’ve been carrying around for quite some time. It’s worked for me in the simplest ways, and I can see how this opens a lot of doors for other self-help and personal development practices.

You’re mileage may vary. But you won’t find out unless you try it.

The three principal Levenson Release pupils-turned-teachers.

Interestingly, of the three main proponents of Levenson’s system, they all sound like they came from New York, or at least that neighborhood of the East Coast. If you listen to Levenson’s tapes, you can sometimes hear one of these three introducing a tape and sometimes mentioned by Levenson as directing workshops, etc.

So all of them have their bona fides from working directly with Levenson as he developed this into a working structure. In each case, they have developed their own approach to train others on what they learned personally and hands on.

Below are videos which represent their offers, in no particular order. Each are also linked to their sites so you can check these out for yourself. They each offer email courses or newsletters as well.

Larry Crane – Release Technique

Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method

Stephen Seretan – Kiss Releasing

And what should you do now?

Simply – do your due diligence and figure out if this is a right step for you. You can, as promised above, get all the personal health, abundance, success, and improved relationships you want. Each of the three say they can help you with this. Some are far more polished than the others. Or you can simply get Levenson’s original materials, which are not your usual beginners’ fare.

But, as usual, it is your choice.

My advice: take freedom over the world – any day and every day.

And you can contact me via this blog if you want more information.

  1. Mark Anderson says:

    I have studied the Sedona Method, EFT and NLP and am currently introducing a series of seminars offering a combination of all three techniques. The theory behind these seminars
    being that the mind body spirit connection can only be addressed through a combination
    of various teachings. Aspects of chromo therapy and audio therapy are introduced
    through the power point presentation but not as a primary element. I would like to
    hear more about the various other releasing methods you have researched.
    Good work
    Mark Anderson

  2. Will this work as good as what dentists use in their office? I’m troubled with my dental work and consider that anesthetic might be harmful long term.

    So I approach Levenson’s releasing as a way I can at least get rid of these concerns, whether they improve the chemicals injected or not. I’m sure that by worrying less, I can have a better life.

    Thanks a lot for bringing this all into one place. I look forward to reviewing the rest of this huge site to see how much I can learn.

    Contact me at

  3. Sari Mclane says:

    Wow, this is very nice blog, thanks for the material in the article, this is very useful to me, thank you very much. Keep up the good work.

  4. […] non-duality: be the salesman and the product and the customer to get the sale… Sedona Method’s Levenson would often say “Thou Art That”. Another near-lucid dream woke me to blog about this in my wee […]

  5. Mouth Rop says:

    Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner I like to do the boob-tube thing and have it spoon fed to me. But thanks for all the great videos on your scam-free book (like your intro).

  6. Joe Smith says:

    Great page about Sedona Method and releasing. Can’t wait to check these links out. Contact

  7. Pop Law says:

    Glad someone finally gave a comparison between all the different release techniques. Amazing that all these people really agree and get along on the main points. I probably would study with all three schools as I can find the money to do so. Each seems to give very valuable material from their own viewpoint and interaction with Levenson. It’s just good to have them all in one place. Thanks again.

  8. My site is, not the one listed. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

  9. You can find the video if you search Stephen Seretan on Google.
    I teach SedonaMethodKISS Releasing.

  10. @Stephen The link to your materials has been corrected. Thanks for the input.

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  12. K. Myshkin says:

    The Release Technique marketing hype has been refined. However be very careful with it. The method is good. There have been some serious irregularities, however, and there is far too much goading with promises of success and money to desperate people. They also have used scare tactics. If you have the motive for material gain by reaching the God self, which is the only goal of Lester Levenson – FOUNDER – somewhere down the line you will trip up. Lester said that by truly going free you could become the biggest singer in the world, but then why would you want to? The thing is to become free of the world and be – “I am”. Then ideally such things as family relations and material success comes effortlessly. The way is entirely spiritual, whether you are rich or poor. But there is a cloud of materialism and NLP type hype to draw you in with the marketeers! It is Lester Levenson – a scientist turned mystic – who is the developer and ONLY master teacher, and he disliked being referred to as a mere teacher! He wanted people to detach and do it on their own, though he also pondered groups of freed souls in a commune. He made no profits from 40+ years of teaching that I am aware of. It was all a gift. Go to YouTube and listen to hours of HIS seminars. He pursued such things as business to “take it for checking” and gave it all away at one time. He was capable of living on the street. As I have read, he eventually broke from some assistants because of their motivations. He left NY because of his powers and thei effect on people so materialistic, and settled down for a quiet life in Sedona, Arizona buying apartment buildings nearby for revenue.

    • robertworstell says:

      @K. Myshkin – You are absolutely correct in this. If you go for just the material “cures”, you wind up ultimately in a catastrophe – see Fireside Chat #1: (One big self-help guru just ran into this…) But as well, Lester said to use Goals Releasing to bring up additional material to release – toward your own personal level of real personal Freedom. Most scams are based on desiring material goods – and desires can never be fulfilled.

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