Release Technique How To

Some notes on the  Sedona Release Technique/Lester Levenson

You want to get rid of bad mental habits by replacing them with good ones. Means keeping up a line of action for 30 days or so – or until you don’t have to work at keeping these steps in, because they become naturally part of your life.

The first new habit to acquire is full-time, constant releasing. Every time an unwanted feeling or attitude or thought comes in, you have to start first accepting it and then letting it go. The bad habit you have is in resisting it or trying to figure it out.

No thought is actually native to you – a person doesn’t think all the time. This is an acquired habit.

Intuition is native and natural. But thinking simply gets in the way of this. As you release, intuitive inspiration won’t. Random thoughts, attitudes, and feelings will.

Joy is also your native state.

People are naturally happy and find good in things all around them. So this is another thing that won’t release. Euphoria will, as will excitement. You are looking for a very calm optimism. Unflappable ease at anything that occurs around you.

So you are going to be releasing constantly, anytime you fall away from this inner peace, this unflapplable calm, joyous, optimistic state. And you are going to find that your inspirations come more and more frequently. As will your success at everything you do.

A second habit you want to start up is always giving better than expected in terms of what you create and produce.

You want to produce abundantly and give better value with all that you do than the recieving person ever would have expected.  All your products and services have to be of the utmost quality. If you were building cars, every single one would be a Rolls Royce – the emphasis is on the utmost quality you can produce with every piece of every action you take.

A third habit is openhanded giving.

Always finding and giving away stuff which other people can use. You never expect anything in return – you just give and give and give. This is the road to peace within yourself; it helps the persons you deal with to attain their own peace; and all that – paid forward in advance – creates a widening sphere of peace which ultimately takes over this planet and envelopes it. Your internal peace is first, the peace of all you know is next, and then all the people they know, and so on. That’s the simple recipe for world peace.

These three habits will change your life markedly and all those around you. You aren’t trying to understand the world around you – that involves considerable thinking. You’ll get the answers you need as you rely more and more on your intuition. There will be fewer and fewer irrational outbursts, or vindictive attacks, or even critical comments. Because you simply won’t need to. You’ll be at peace and your main goal is to help others around you attain their own peace. Meaning you won’t be fueling any fires around you, but be quietly putting them out through your own calm, joyous giving.

And you will be in demand like nothing you ever saw before. Anything you produce people can trust that you are going to give them far more value than they expected, and that product or service will be the highest quality – like going to buy a piece of coal and getting a diamond (plus a new heater to replace that old one.)

People will trust your advice be cause it is comes from the heart.

You give incredibly insightful solutions to any problem someone comes to you with. And when you talk, people will listen because you tend to spend far more time listening to others. Your little corner of this planet becomes calm and prosperous for everyone in it.

If people ask, you simply tell them the three habits you adopted. If they take them up, fine. If not, they’ll still live calmer lives as long as you’re around.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Start today. Do these three steps each and every waking second of the day.

Your questions:

1. Can I welcome this and let it go?
2. Can I improve on what I am doing right now and make it still better?
3. Is there anything I can give to that person in front of me that they would value and improve their life?

Have fun with this. And leave your comments below so others can learn and be helped.

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  1. RR says:

    These habits are…well …very habit forming. Since unknowingly trying these steps on my own path through this life recently…at someones direction…Iv’e discovered a new me(or the me that was inside all along). I am a bit happier, less stressed, less anger spells, and this confident but joyous peaceful feeling has overtaken the way I feel and go about about things. Yes, I still get angry and irritable and impatient…but there is a lot less of it these days.
    Thanks for the great knowledge.

  2. Tamara says:

    I overcame my fear of death some time ago. Also learned to deal with anger and stress. However, I didn’t realize that I was resisting a lot of the time just by being positive. What I mean is, I would push negative feelings deep down inside me by trying to cover over them with positivity. Although it made me uncomfortable it was the only thing I knew to do. But since I have been accepting and releasing them for the past few days my load seems so much lighter. I am now looking forward to my family holiday dinner even more than before knowing that I can release the off comment instead of responding to it.

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