Stephen Seretan

[I’ve worked to make this blog balanced. And also hold that “no one school has all the teachers.” When Stephen contacted me about his book, I asked for an interview and got this extensive reply. This is published in it’s entirety, without editing. Listen with your heart as you read.]

1. How did you meet Lester Levenson?

From the time I was young, I was interested in what was the secret to mastering my world. My book starts out with the fact that adult life for me began with a question, “Why do some people succeed, and others, (while perhaps more talented and even ambitious), never seem to make it?” I also saw that certain teachers were more powerful in affecting people’s lives and felt drawn to understand them and be close to them, so I was always interested in the purest, most powerful teachings. Even though my background was Jewish, I had a burning desire to learn more about Jesus (Ishua in Aramaic). So when Aramaic scholar, Rocco Errico came across my path, I consumed everything he wrote about the Bible and Jesus translated directly from the original Aramaic by his mentor, Assyrian native and Aramaic speaking, George Lamsa. It made me feel I really understood Jesus and what he was trying to do in his mission in the world.

When I was hired to do the music for the CBS TV series, “The Paper Chase” with John Houseman, I was devastated to find out the producer (my manager) was going to be replaced and the show turned into a sensationalistic sham, without my services, also. As Houseman said, they were planning on “putting bodies under the beds!” I turned to the teachings of Yogananda, and once again was gifted with a sense of his immanent presence, plus I got a call after some months saying that the new producer hadn’t gotten the show ready in time for shooting. My manager and our whole crew were back again. I knew it was a gift directly from Yogananda to me. It was my first miracle. Lester later confirmed this to me, and tersely commented, “Don’t ask for help so much.”

However, after that my career hit a roadblock, and when I stumbled onto the Sedona Method through Larry Crane (who was working with comedian Marty Ingles), I felt I had found the mother lode of creation: How to almost wave a magic wand and create what you choose. However, I still was intensely curious about the physicist, Lester Levenson, who created the Sedona Method, and claimed to have freed himself completely in 3 months and what it would be like to hang around with an in-the -flesh Master. When I stayed at Larry’s house in Sedona, I found Lester’s home number and started calling him. The funny thing was, as long as you were interested in helping others learn to release, Lester would give you all the time in the world. However, if he felt you were only interested in your own selfish desires, he would evade you.

We also met him at the intensive and told him we wanted to help build the Institute in LA and that really made him open to my efforts to be close to him. I even set up an office in LA against the then head administrator’s wishes (she had some program about not getting too big), and he spent a fair amount of time hanging around with me in LA. It was simply wonderful to be around him. I will always remember that time with joy. The whole experience is in my book. It was like an article, “Spending a Day with God’s Messenger”.

2. Why did you feel you needed to write the book “Lester and Me?”

Everything Lester said or did was very purposeful and meaningful. Each time I met with him, I came away with some enlightening bit of advice or insight that reverberated for days in my consciousness. His exact words lingered in my mind often, and after he passed, people began asking me what he really said and what it was like to hang out with a completely free one. Also I thought if I passed, all that valuable stuff would be gone. I started writing it down just so I wouldn’t forget and began sharing it with others. Now, to my delight, it has been read in 23 countries around the world, and I have monthly teleconferences with people from all over the planet. I was especially happy when people in India were reading it.

3. Is there a real difference between KISS releasing and other forms? Why did you feel you needed to come out with another version?

It seemed to me that any time a Master came into the world, his teachings were in a very pure form, and then people began watering it down and mixing their egos in, so that the end result became more a mental exercise or dogma than the powerful experience the original teachings gave. Lester put up with a certain head administrator who was not successful and actually very annoying to many of the students because he said, “at least she is keeping it pure.” I saw that this was very important to him. So I am actually not presenting another version. The other teachers are! KISS Releasing is the original Sedona Method, as much as possible. I want to avoid saying anything negative about the other teachers, because each of us has our strong points, but my approach is keeping it more pure to help retain the original power. Each student will gravitate to what he/she feels is best for them.

4. How would you recommend a complete beginner get started with releasing?

The best way would be to attend a live class. In LA, we have a great thing which is a class where the first night is free, and you get a little introduction and a taste of releasing. If you like it and want to stay, you pay the class tuition or authorize 3 charges to your credit card and enjoy the whole class. We have free monthly refresher workshops and a few advanced classes.

If you can’t get to LA, do a live teleconference or get our KISS Releasing BASIC COURSE and have one or two one-on-one phone calls with me afterward. We have frequent free telephone releasing sessions to brush up or if you really want to move, there are 2 other teleconference classes, Resistance and Programs courses. For anyone who comes from your site, I will give a bonus 60 minute private session with any course purchase.

5. Is this something that’s hard to learn? How would you suggest someone implement this in their life if they have already tried other self-help materials?

KISS Releasing will enhance anything else you are practicing. In fact, it will make it better. It is the mother of the Law of Attraction. There is not a moment that you are not creating, it is just that it is mostly subconscious, and you don’t like it. Releasing is as easy as dropping a hot potato put in your hand. The more live interaction you have with other releasers, the easier it is to learn. Lester said there is enormous power in group releasing. It’s like when Jesus said, “When two or more of you are gathered in my name…” Actually, it is one of the easiest techniques I’ve ever encountered, but we have such a collective habit of handling our feelings in other ways (expressing, suppressing or escaping), that without the reinforcement of other graduates, it is not as easy to keep it up without the support. You are actually turning around a million year old habit of holding on to feelings. Also, it is so powerful, very often it fulfills whatever imperative you feel to change very quickly and then people slack off on using it. But Lester said, anyone who learns it then has it available, and when the need strikes, will remember how to use it. I have experienced this many times with people I taught contacting me years later saying it saved their lives when they really needed it but thought they would have forgotten how.

6. Do you find that personal seminars are a better way to learn? When should a person move from a book or CD series over to attending a life seminar?

ASAP. They are extremely affordable, and we even allow for payment arrangements so that anyone who truly wants it, can take a class. Remember, I will give everyone here a free hour of private phone time with a live or mp3 purchase. That is a $125 value.

7. After a person attends a seminar, what then? Does this just get more expensive?

The best thing to do is to find others around you who are open to learning the technique. We will help you to establish a local support group and attend our free telephonic support calls to be sure you keep releasing! If you want to learn more, or have a hard time finding others who want to realize their freedom as quickly as you in your local area, we do have regular, inexpensive teleconference courses as well as at least one retreat. The next one is coming up this summer at the beach in California. But you could do OK by spending very little money. It is ironic that the MOST powerful technique on the planet can also be the least expensive! I, or my staff, can answer questions via email also.

8. Can a person start helping others around them to learn releasing? How do they learn to teach?

I learned the answer to this one myself the hard way…trying to teach others around me before I was ready, and I basically ruined them from learning how to release, by giving the material to them in a casual, intellectual setting, without the extended experiential setting of class. You can try that yourself, and I guarantee you will encounter the same result. Also, people tend not to respect it when they learn for free or not in a formal setting. When you try to teach others, intense negativity will hit you both from your own subconscious as well as the egos of the students, and it takes quite a bit of releasing practice in action to be able to handle that. There is a powerful process Lester put in for teachers to do before and after each class session. I teach it to the students also. Egos, your own and theirs, fight this process…because it works! That’s the good news.

The time it would take to come to that point is totally up to you. None of us releases around the clock like Lester did but, conceivably if you did, you could be able to teach within a few months to a year. You should be aware that Lester said trying to help others be free, either by teaching or helping get courses going, is THE FAST TRACK TO FREEDOM. We were moving very fast when we ran the LA Branch of the Sedona Method. It really slowed our progress down when we let the fact that we were fired after getting the Method into the Whole Life Expo and basically introduced to whole world get to us. Lester said we just got our “ego toes stepped on”. Since we have begun helping others be free again, we were moved onto a huge piece of land for a bargain rent in the northern part of Los Angeles, and two or three major motion pictures are getting produced by our students and us, with top level stars. I will be scoring the music for all of them. “Selflessness is the greatest selfishness, Lester said. As “Course in Miracles” students know, “What I do, I do to (for) myself.”

9. Are there any links where people can find more about KISS releasing?

Go to my site, Leave your contact info, and you will receive the free KISS Ezine with a mini releasing course.


10. Is there anything else that you are commonly asked about releasing or Lester Levenson?

Go to

All my articles are there, and more will be added as I write them. I am asked about goals more than anything else, and that makes sense to me. People need to learn that they, and they alone, create their world. No one else can do that for them. If it were not for the feeling and wanting obstacles, your goals would drop in quickly with little physical effort. That is our very nature, according to every Master. By suppressing our wants and non winning programs for many, many lifetimes, we have allowed ourselves to drift down to an extremely limited reality. KISS Releasing will discharge all this and let you move up into a winning state. It WILL take work because there is a mountain range of “garbage” in the mind, but I always ask people, “What is the alternative?” Lester told me personally that our Beingness is trying to create our goals 24/7, but we get in the way with our non winning feelings and programs. Drop those, and “the world will serve us with affluence and an abundance of everything we choose.”…Lester Levenson. That is where I and my students are headed. Why not join us?

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Those links again:

Get your own copy of Lester and Me directly. (Right from the storefront.)

While Stephen has an online course available by email , his site says: “If you would like more information, please call for Daria at (818) 984 7078.”

On his storefront ( there is a contact form you can use to email directly.


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