My Religion

Just to make this all official: I have a religion.

Of course it’s taken over 50 years to nail it down. And only through blogging and suffering through several scams, as well as writing books about them – only then have I recently had it all come clear.

Here’s the key points. I call them my Freedoms:

1. I believe what I believe. And my freedom to do so doesn’t depend on anyone or anything around me.

2. Governments are optional. My choice to participate in their programs and policies – or not – is my own freedom. And any government “body” or organization has no authority over me except what I grant them. This is my freedom.

3. My faith and beliefs require me to pray/meditate constantly. Everywhere I am, everything I use around me, all that I create – these are all part of my own religious belief-system. Anything a government might claim I “own” is used to further my own personal salvation/redemption/enlightenment. The world is my church. I am free to pray and meditate as I want. This is my freedom.

4. I am free to act or say as I want. The effects I create with these actions are the mutual responsibility of myself and those who are on the effect-end of those actions or statements. I give no authority to anyone to tell me what I can or can’t say or do. This is my freedom.

5. My redemption/salvation/enlightenment is my own to choose. No one else is going to redeem me, save me, or enlighten me. Only I can do this and only for myself. How I choose to do this is my freedom.

6. And I have the freedom to alter these beliefs anytime I want to, for any “reason”. I don’t have to tell anyone about any personal change I make. I owe no one any of my freedoms, as they are created, maintained, and supported by me and me alone. I am free.

– – – –

Why I bring these to you at this time is my way of being polite. Thought you might be able to use something like this in your life. As we are all connected in some way, how I help you with your freedom helps me with mine.

These principles, these beliefs, are older than all the hills, mountains, and valleys on this planet. Older than this universe, in fact. You can find them in any philosophy on this planet that still exists in some format or another. If you doubt this, ask any real Master or Sage and see if they don’t tell you that these exist.

A real Master or Sage will ask you why you are even bringing this up. They are that obvious. Writing this is even redundant.

But I’m sure some dedicated soul can find someone with some “authority” somewhere who disagrees with what I say above. This is their choice. This is their freedom.

I’ve found personally that your freedoms are created by you as a natural occurrence. You can only limit or give away your freedoms yourself. Governments and other people have no authority except what you give them. Perhaps they have a purpose, perhaps not. Your choice, your freedom.

Can you affect someone else’s freedom? Only with their permission.

People can be as free as they want, however they decide to be. Some decide to live with incredible amounts of “money” in their lives. Others decide to live in “poverty”. Any person can have any amount of freedom or happiness or peace that they want. And while you can look for confirmation of this in our oldest philosophies (such as Huna, or newer Masters such as Alan Watts and Lester Levenson), you really only have to look within your Self to see what you choose to believe, and what “works” for you.

And in looking through these various older teachings, you might even get your Self free from the illusion of death. Maybe. Up to you.

To my understanding at this moment, this universe is just a sham, an illusion, a scam. And it still exists only to the exact degree we believe there is still a purpose for it.

So I invite you to laugh at everything around you. Realize, just perhaps, that all this is simply a very good (or very bad) joke you are playing on yourself – for whatever reason that comes to mind.

And even this essay is a joke you created – or a path to enlightenment, salvation, or redemption. Your choice.

Your freedom.

Go Thunk Yourself. 😉

  1. amy says:

    I am writing with a question that I ask many people because it continues to perplex me and your deep insight on so many topics leads me to hope that you might be able to explain.

    How can the following statements/beliefs (from your blog) be true for innocent people, especially children, who are violently captured, imprisoned and tortured against their will?

    “I’ve found personally that your freedoms are created by you as a natural occurrence. You can only limit or give away your freedoms yourself. Governments and other people have no authority except what you give them… Your choice, your freedom.. Can you affect someone else’s freedom? Only with their permission… People can be as free as they want, however they decide to be.”

    How do those statements apply to innocent victims of war and child abuse? Please help me understand!

    • @amy – People assign meaning to the world around them. Many schools of thought have already answered your question.

      Consider the child born with birth defects. Or the studies which compare socially advantaged and disadvantaged families. Yet outstanding accomplishments have been made by those who were “afflicted” or “disadvantaged”.

      Does the environment make the person, or reflect on the spririt? Do you perceive the world around you as a challenge, a lesson, or simply fate?

      Your attitude makes all the difference in what cards are dealt you and how you play that hand. Changing your own attitude makes all the difference in the game’s outcome.

  2. This blog is great. Your ideas on Religion make it seem very approachable and common sense. When you start a church, let me know:

  3. How often do you write your blogs? Thanks for your insight on Religion. I’ve got to sort out my own ideas about this. Great inspiration.

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